Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Recap....

OK here we go.... lots of goodies to share.....

1. Went to Michaels, bought stamp ink in copper and chocolate brown, and another grapevine wreath.
2. Went to IKEA to buy the rest of the sheets.
3. Tested out stamp ink on our orange envelopes. We decided on the brown, the others were hard to read.
4. Stamped our return address on 80 envelopes, and put postage on them.

Got up early and drove to Asheville to experience the J Crew Sidewalk Sale. I bought:
A. White pants for me ($10)
B. Khaki pants for me ($10)
C. Navy blue pants for me ($10)
D. Polka dot bikini for me ($6!) Still on sale online for $34 for each piece!
E. Khaki pants for Jeremy ($10)
F. Khaki pants for Jeremy ($10)


to make myself feel better about the whole dress issue... I still wanted a backup dress in case my moms dress is a disaster. So... I popped in the clearance store- I picked up the 3 wedding dresses that were in my size- 2 strapless and another one.... the first 2 were ok..... the third fit PERFECT! It was only $40, so I had to have it!!!!! It's def. not something that I would have normally picked out for myself- but at $40..... I'll find somewhere to wear it, or I'll sell it, if I don't use it for the wedding.

Is it my perfect dress? No.
Is it perfectly suitable? Yes.

It's the goddess dress on J Crew's site, if you want to see a picture of it :-)

now for pics-
Testing out the different inks- Gold at the top, Copper in the middle, Chocolate Brown last
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Stamped our envelopes
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Put postage on envelopes
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All the sheets from IKEA- 36 tan, 10 white
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J Crew Sidewalk Sale- this is only about 1/2 the place!
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august15bride said...

Oh I am SO jealous of that sidewalk sale!!!!

Sjn said...

the King and Queen stamps look great on your orange envelopes.