Monday, June 1, 2009

DIY Tablecloths

A while back I decided to sew my own tablecloths. I got the idea to make them from Ikea twin sheets, after doing this for a neighborhood party we had, and I made them for that.

Friday afternoon I rode over to Ikea to clean them out of DVALA beige, flat sheets. I left with 16, all they had, I need 36.

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After I got home, I realized I could have bought white sheets, and rit dye, and dyed them chocolate brown (the color I wanted to begin with). So, Saturday I went back, bought a white sheet, came home, and tested my theory.

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White Sheet- $1.99 x 36= $71.64
Dye- $2.46 (Can do 2 sheets per pack)= $44.28
Total would be = $115.92

Sounded good in theory. Once I did it, not so much. The sheets turned an odd beige/brown/purplish color.....

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So much for hand dying all my tablecloths..... I guess I will stick with the beige DVALA sheets I bought.

36 x 4.50= $162 + tax

But, for those of you out there not using chocolate brown..... this might be a good option with a different color!

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