Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Canvas Arrived!!!

So, after we had our engagement pictures done, and Ashley let me know that they can order me canvases, I knew I had to have one for our house, and to use at the reception! Her prices were great!

But unfortunately for her, I found a different co, that does them a bit cheaper (sorry Ashley!)

Well, I ordered it the end of last week, and it came today!!!! :-)

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Karen said...

That is beautiful! I got one for Collin and Ginger of her maternity pictures and it turned out great! Did you order it off of etsy?

honey my heart said...

looks beautiful!

jemmessica said...

I ordered it from

I love it!!!!

Jennifer said...

It looks absolutely amazing!

Erin said...

did you get a gallery wrap or museum wrap? I'm undecided on what to get for our wedding pic. for the wall