Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Buy:

I have my "to do" list on the side bar, but maybe I need to start a "to buy" list. I always have more direction with a list, and don't tend to buy things I don't need. Here's my best shot.

(This is just the "little things" obviously, I still need to get booze, flowers, ect.)

1. Plastic punch cups for the spigot jars at the ceremony. (And maybe for the wine and martinis)
2. More grapevine wreaths (I'm working on that week by week with my michaels coupons)
3. Ribbon for the BM dresses and "chandeliers"
4. Fishing line to hang "chandeliers"
5. A few more tall vases
6. Candles from Ikea
7. Trays for cupcakes?? Maybe??
8. Sharpie for the guest book.
9. Photo albums or scrap books to put at reception.
10. Chocolate brown fabric for table runners.
11. Copy our parents wedding pictures for the photo screen.
12. Lots of brown or black extension cords.


Karen said...

Hey, I know you have a JR's in statesville, I don't know how good that one is but the one in Burlington had a ton of cute cake/cupcake stands and stuff. They also have sheets and everything Very good prices. If you have time check them out.

SJN said...

how about small mason jars for your punch cups. They seem to go with your venue and would be so unique. You can buy them online by the dozen or at Ace hardware.