Friday, July 31, 2009

Warning! Girls on the loose this weekend!!!!!

This weekend is "Girls Weekend"!!!!!!!!


Tonight- everyone arrives at Jenny's house, then we'll all go out to dinner and have drinks!

Saturday- Bridal Lunch, pool?? Bachelorette Party!! :-)

Sunday- Shower :-)

I am so excited to see all my girls! One of them I haven't seen since we've been engaged!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I made a serious investment on Friday.....

Popped in Anthropologie and just had to have this coat!

My justification: My black pea coat I bought ages ago at Old Navy has bit the dust. I will wear this for years to come. I love love love the sleeves and ruffles!!! :-)

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I also splurged on a pink "derby" style hat at the JCrew outlet! It was only $20, but more than I'd normally spend.... I thought it would be a super cute accessory for my "girls weekend"

Happy Tuesday!!

We had a super adventurous weekend! We awoke at 4 AM on Saturday to leave by 5 AM to head down to Epworth, Georgia to see our preacher.

It was really nice to see him and chat about our ceremony and relationship. He was really insighful, and offered some good advice. I almost wish we had more sessions with him. Here's a few pictures from our fantastic drive!

We drove down 85 and then over through Clemson, through SC over to GA. The we did the opposite on the way back.... we drove up by the Natahala River (HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WERE WHITE WATER RAFTING! It was a beautiful ride!) then up through Murphy, to Asheville (where we stopped at the lovely JCrew Outlet :-)) on to Hickory and Newton, where we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner (The Artist Cafe) and home! It was a long day, but awesome!

We saw the sun come up in the rearview mirrors
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Then we saw a bunch of hot air balloons!
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Coming back across the border!
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Headed to Epworth....

We're making the 4.5 hour trip to Epworth, Georgia tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM!!!!!!!! Ugh.... so early :-( We are going to meet with our preacher for a mini "marriage counseling session" and to discuss our ceremony! It's exciting to know I will be able to work on programs next week :-) YAY!!!

Next weekend is my "Girls Weekend" consisting of dinner Friday night, Bridesmaids Lunch, Bachelorette Night, and Bridal Shower on Sunday!! :-)

I am so excited! I've learned my girlies have been conspiring about things!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Invitations Arrived!

And look awesome!!!!

They fixed the fuzzy text and coloring! YAY! I can't believe they go out in less than 2 weeks!

Top Row: Invite Card, Rehearsal Card
Bottom Row: Accommodations Card (they reprinted them for me), and our Map/Direction Card

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Invite Back
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Rehearsal Back
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Accommodations Back
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Map Back
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I found the most awesome "kid bags" at Target last night!!!!!!!!!!! (our last name will be Horton)
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Vases from Marshalls
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Candy Dishes
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Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

I'm not gonna lie, it was super awesome to not think about the wedding madness I am/about to experience!!!!!!!

I did find out some fun details about the upcoming girls weekend from one BM. I am so excited to blow off some steam with my girls!

I was going through a bit of shopping withdrawal yesterday, so I hit the pavement...... Here's what I got accomplished.....

1. Bought the remaining 3 vases for the tables! (I am DONE with this task!)
2. Found dishes for the candy to go on the dessert buffet (They are 2 dishes that each have 3 compartments, perfect for displaying my pumpkin kisses, candy corn and resees pieces)
3. The remaining invite postcards should arrive TODAY!
4. NWR- We bought our red tailgate tent for tailgating at the NCSU games this fall.... and the best part- it fits in my car..... through the backseat/trunk pass through!! yay!!
5. NWR- found super awesome $4 red leggings to sport to the football games! Wahoo!

Pictures to come tomorrow!


Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is where I am all week! :-)

I write that blog too.... I kinda get paid to do this :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Out.....

for the next week.....

Headed to Columbia, North Carolina's Eastern 4-H Center for a week of summer camp with the kids I work with!

See you on the 20th!

p.s. If you are looking for a spectacular place to get married on the water, check out the Eastern 4-H Center..... it's beautiful!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Try.....

and I think it came out pretty damn good.

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pudding was a little runny, but tasted yummy!

Jeremy requested whipped cream on top next time instead of meringue. I said no, what the hell are you thinking?!?!?! That's cheating! And NOT real banana pudding!

Invitation Drama

I thought I had this all worked out..... was ahead of the game.... then I went to upload them and order yesterday morning. Did that, printed out what they would look like.... yikes! did't look to swift, so I changed the picture on one, and unbolded some text (before going back to it bolded), got it looking good enough (this was 4 hours later!) and ordered. $90 worth of postcards, ordered. Ten mins later.... an email arrived in my inbox.... "Order on hold". Damn.

I've been emailing back and forth with one of their associates, sending them my files, so that they could tweak them and get them to look better.

I just hope they come out alright, and they actually send me a proof before they print!

The lady said that she sent the files to the graphic design department, they would fix them and then go to print. I was like um ok... I want to proof it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll see what happens. Ugh.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I made the executive decision today that I WILL NOT be hand addressing my envelopes.... call me tacky, call me etiquette-less...... whatever, I don't care!

With much trial and error I finally got my printer and computer on the same page as my brain.... brown, centered text in a pretty font :-)

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Reality....

Weekend Recap!

We went to Wilmington for the 4th and stayed at the Taylor House Inn Bed and Breakfast. It was super cute, but the inn keeper was odd. We drove straight out to Wrightsville, had lunch at one of my favorite places, Two Guys Grill, and then out to the beach. We lucked out and only had to hunt for about 15 mins for a parking space. Spent about an hour and a half there, went and got ice cream, and then checked in our B & B. We had dinner at Roy's Riverboat Landing on one of the adorable balconies, then went to Carolina Beach for fireworks with my sister and her family.

Saturday, we had breakfast, and bolted out to the beach.... after 30 mins of hunting for a spot to park, we said F it, and drove to Topsail, which was super peaceful! Spent a few hours there, had lunch, showered and then went back to Carolina Beach to cookout with my sister.

Sunday, had breakfast, checked out, walked around Mayfair, and then went to lunch at Pita Delight with Sabrina!

Finally headed home, and it took us over 6 hours......... :-(

Great weekend, being back at work sucks. Here's some pics!

on the way to drop off the doggies with Jeremy's parents! We bought them seatbelts to match the bug!
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Once on the beach, I realized I was being so festive with my red and white towel, and navy and white swimwear :-)
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At Roy's Riverboat Landing
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Topsail Beach
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Walking around Greenfield Park
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pre Post...

Since tomorrow is a holiday for me..... YAY! I thought I'd go ahead and post today about tomorrow.


the next three months are CRAZY packed with stuff... we have one potential free weekend, and I think we have decided to go to the beach.... here's the rundown....

3-5- Wilmington for vacation!
12-18- Grange Camp
18- knottie gtg??
25-26- Georgia to see our preacher for counseling... yikes!
31-2- Girls weekend!! :-) (Shower, Bridal Lunch, Bachelorette Partying!)

8- Olivia's birthday party
9- Newton Shower
16- B-pics
22-23- Beach????
29- Drop off wedding dress at Olga's in Raleigh
30- Day trip to the beach with Melanie??? :-)

3- NCSU Football!
5- Dress fitting in Raleigh
6- Shower??
11-13- In VA for work
19- Dress fitting in Raleigh and NCSU Football!
24- Final Dress fitting in Raleigh
24-27- Work in Fayetteville
27- Shower??
28- Pick up dress

1- Nails, Tan
2- Rehearsal
3- Married!!!!!
5-10- Honeymoon in Antigua!