Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

I'm not gonna lie, it was super awesome to not think about the wedding madness I am/about to experience!!!!!!!

I did find out some fun details about the upcoming girls weekend from one BM. I am so excited to blow off some steam with my girls!

I was going through a bit of shopping withdrawal yesterday, so I hit the pavement...... Here's what I got accomplished.....

1. Bought the remaining 3 vases for the tables! (I am DONE with this task!)
2. Found dishes for the candy to go on the dessert buffet (They are 2 dishes that each have 3 compartments, perfect for displaying my pumpkin kisses, candy corn and resees pieces)
3. The remaining invite postcards should arrive TODAY!
4. NWR- We bought our red tailgate tent for tailgating at the NCSU games this fall.... and the best part- it fits in my car..... through the backseat/trunk pass through!! yay!!
5. NWR- found super awesome $4 red leggings to sport to the football games! Wahoo!

Pictures to come tomorrow!


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