Friday, February 27, 2009

What Have You Done For Your Marriage Today?

We've all heard the ads on the radio, seen them on t.v. and billboards....

I decided to trek to the website....

Looks like it could be really useful... I just browsed through the "Preparing for your Marriage" section. It has great things you should discuss before getting married. I assume it's things you talk about during your pre-marital counseling, but we haven't done ours yet.

If your getting married, or are already married, it looks like a good site to visit. :-)


I've been MIA this week....

Went out of town for work Monday-Wednesday

Sick all day Thursday....

I'm back today though!

I spent most of Tuesday afternoon scowering all the Marshall's and TJ Maxx's in the triangle area for our groomsman's shirts.... after finding a shirt Jeremy and I both liked (even though it didn't have French cuffs, and Jeremy wanted them) we decided they were a great buy at $15 each. They were the right color, a pale ivory, which we'd found was proving to be a difficult find. We decided to get Jeremy a shirt that looks exactly the same but does have French cuffs.... I found him one, bought it, but it's too big, so I will keep hunting.... I will post pictures later.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We Registered!

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YAY! For pretty things! :-)

We are also registering at Target :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Picture Updates... round 2

Candle holders found at the Winston Marshall's on Monday... $10 each.....

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The groomsmens ties found at Belks in Winston on Monday...

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Cake plate found for our wedding cake Homegoods/Marshall's in Huntersville on Tuesday...

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Cute brown bolero found at Homegoods/Marshall's in Huntersville on Tuesday...
(sorry it's fuzzy)

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Picture Updates....

Here we go... round 1....

Valentines Day-

My gift to him- the boudoir photo card and Guinness beer glasses he's been eyeing for months! (I forgot to take pictures of the unwrapped gifts)

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He sent me orange roses at work on Friday :-)

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He also gave me candy and a gift card to Ulta :-)

Jeremy also got another "gift" from me... we traded his BMW 330i on Valentines day for the BMW z4 he'd seen.... no pictures of the new car yet though.... here he is cleaning the old one out....

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Saying goodbye with the doggies...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I stopped in Marshalls on the way home to look for more of the candle holders I found in Winston on Monday (I'll post pics soon).... no luck.... BUT I did find a cake plate for our wedding cake, and the cutest brown bolero to wear over my wedding dress, if it's chilly on the big day!

Upon entering the dressing room, the woman working says "Is that for an adult? Oh, I see, Cute!" I replied "I thought it might look good over my wedding dress if it's cold" her response... "Ok.... oh, that would be cute!" (she seemed a little slow.... probably hated the idea, and then realizing what she'd said, and wanted to take her foot out of her mouth)

Tried it on, LOVED it!

Went to checkout... the checkout clerk (probably 45-50ish lady) was like, "oh this is nice" and I told her the same senario of wearing it over my dress.... she then looked at me like I was the most tasteless bride she'd ever seen, and was like "hmm, ok"

I get home, all excited to show Jeremy.... and he basically had the same reaction the checkout lady did.... Whatever, I mean, I don't anticipate it to be below 65 degrees on the wedding day... but I also don't anticipate 75 degrees in February (ahem... last week!) I'm just trying to be prepared.... damn.

This is not my dress, nor the jacket.... but this is close to the jacket I bought.... picture it chocolate brown

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BTW- this is the Balenciaga dress and jacket Nicole Kidman wore when she married Keith Urban... Nicole has style right? Yeah, I thought so too....

Rubber Stamp

I trecked over to Staples and am having them make the stamp I found on Martha's website! :-) This is what it will look like....

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Vintage Postcards

I've been looking for a company online that can replicate vintage postcards... I've had no luck. Well, while blog hopping this morning, I found a link to this!!! I can't wait to try it!!!

SIDE NOTE: I want to make vintage postcards for our invites. I'll enclose 4 vintage postcards with all our wedding info on the back sides. I want to use all the old pictures from the 1920's of our venue! :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Need a good...

birthday gift
bridal shower hostess gift
bridesmaid gift
I'm giving a gift for no reason gift....

How effing perfect are these?!?! :-)

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I knew you'd love them!

President's Day Finds!

I had to make a trip to Winston last night for work, so I told Jeremy that I would stop by Hanes Mall to look at ties and shirts in Belks since that's where we are getting our guys suits (which should be ordered very soon!) They are giving us 15% off our total purchase, so we wanted to get as much as we could there! We stopped in the Belks at Northlake on Sunday to see if they had any ivory, french cuff shirts.... nope. But we were told that Geoffry Beene did make one, so I went looking for it in Winston.... they didn't have a GB one, but another brand, that I think we're gonna go with. Well while at Northlake we found some paisley print ties that Jeremy loved! So while in Winston I looked for them in brown for the guys and in ivory or orange for him. Found 3 in brown, so we need 4 more. I found him 2 ties, he liked them, but decided he wanted a paisley print tie too. So they are going back.

I also popped in Marshalls and found 2 matching candle holders that are awesome!!!

I will post pictures of all this later! :-)

Another Give Away!

Head over to Experiments in a Galley Kitchen for this awesome stuff! :-)

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Monday, February 16, 2009


Rachel from Can I Plan A Wedding?

You are the winner of Sephora's Kiss Me Lip Scrub!!! YAY!

Email me your address, and I will get it to you ASAP! :-)

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I had a dream last night....

It is VERY rare for me to remember my dreams....

1. It was the wedding day
2. I don't remember the ceremony,
3. I think the dream started right after the ceremony.
4. We immidiatly went into the reception, and everyone started dancing.
5. The band was there, and not very good.
6. There were no tables set up.
7. The catering company did not show.
8. In the middle of dancing I realized I'd gotten married in my reception dress.
9. I then realized we had forgotten to take any pictures after the ceremony.
10. So I went running out the the hotel at our venue, most of our guests were on the steps and porch.
11. Jeremy was in the parking lot, drunk and dancing. The photographers seemed way more interested in photographing him, than the whole group.
12. After being annoyed that I was in no pictures I decided to go back and dance.
13. The band was packing up because no one was dancing.
14. The one table in the reception had a white table cloth that was soaking wet because a massive downpour started and the rain blew in the side door.
15. All this happened mid-afternoon.
16. Apparently we got married at like 1 PM

Note to self.... Make a must do, must take photo, and schedule lists..... maybe I won't forget to actually get married in my wedding dress on the big day.... :-(

Friday, February 13, 2009

Copy Cat!

I soooo went on the hunt yesterday afternoon for Atlanta Brides cocktail napkins she found at Tuesday Morning! After visiting 2 different locations, I had TONS of J & H napkins for the bar and beverage jars! :-)

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Our guest book came yesterday too!! It's very skinny- I didn't put tons of pages in it, but it has plenty of room for signing! :-)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Give Away!

I found the perfect give away reading (if you haven't read it, check it out! Very entertaining!)

Leave a comment to get entered.
Leave a comment and become a follower to get entered twice.
Leave a comment, become a follower and mention the give away on your blog to get entered three times!

cut off time is 12:59PM February 14th!

Good Luck!

Sephora Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub

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Smells Like Couture.....

YAY for arriving home and finding my BCBG dress, Juicy shoes AND Jeremy's little gift arrived too!!! It turned out way better than I expected! I'll post pics after Valentines Day! :-)

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The dress is AWESOME! It's much more pink than I thought it would be, but still very pretty! I pranced around in the dress and shoes for a while, and wanted to take some pics of me in it... but my camera was not cooperating till late last night.

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(BTW... "Smells Like Couture" is written on the sole of the shoes!)

POST 100!

Wahoo! Post 100....

I'm thinking it's give away time....

I will be pondering what to do!

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When I get home today, my BCBG dress, and my Juicy shoes should be waiting for me! I can't wait!
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Maybe the little thing I had made to go with Jeremy's Valentines Day gift will be there too!

I created our guest book using Picaboo on Monday, and it's on it's way here too!

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Tomorrow our new bed arrives from Pottery Barn!!!!!

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New Blog!

I come across so many great ideas, but many of them don't fit my wedding. Now I'm sharing them here! I've decided to pick one topic and post about it for one week. My first topic is reception food!



One of my favorite things to do is go into an expensive store and pretend like I have money to burn.... hehe

Well a couple of weeks ago, I went in Monkee's in Davidson (where I saw those Juicy shoes!) well the girl had asked me if I was looking for anything in particular.... I told her I was looking for a white, ivory or gold dress. She took my info and told me that they'd call me if they got anything in. Well, Monday I got a call, they had a beautiful creamy white dress! So, I made it a point to stop in! Here's what I tried on.... both are Milly.

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and I tried this one for fun!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

A 70 Degree Day Called for Lemonade!

Yesterday was SO Beautiful here in North Carolina! I decided I wanted to sit on my porch, read a magazine, and drink lemonade! I tested out my Crate and Barrel beverage jars! They are fantastic!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Juicy Shoes....

So now that I have all but the shoes for the outfit below.... I'm dying for the Juicy Ice Slingbacks!!! I googled them (which I'd just done a few days earlier) looking for them on sale.... FOUND THEM 50% off!!!!!!! AND... if for some reason they get here and I hate them, they are returnable!!! :-)

Here it is!

OK... the cups on the dress need to be taken in... I currently have madonna "cone boobs" in it, because my chest doesn't fill it out enough.... but here are a few pictures I took tonight... don't you love my $7 gold cardigan from TJMaxx?? (I'll be putting some dressier buttons on it though! The sweater isn't as "chunky" as I was wanting though, so I'll keep looking... but this one looks fine, if I don't find anything else!

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It Arrived!

I came home from work to find my white, sequin Michael Kors dress had arrived!!! It's so much prettier in person!!!

BM's Shoes!

My Bridesmaid Karen has bought her shoes! YAY!!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dessert Signs....

I figured out that the flap I have to cut off the brown pocket folds (invites) can be used as part of my dessert signs!

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I stopped by Michaels last night on my way home and picked up some different ribbons.... of all the different combinations I did, this was mine and Jeremy's favorite....

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I looked at the scrapbook paper too, but they didn't have anything suitable.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back in the day....

Prom 2000...

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Rehersal Dinner

I hadn't given much thought to what I'd wear to our rehearsal. I found this on ebay and decided I loved it, and must have it! It might be a great dress to wear for our rehearsal! :-)

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Win These!

Visit The Blue-Eyed Bride to win these cute Hanky Panky undies!

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Alright, I am going to attempt to copy these (in my colors)

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Here's the sample stuff I got in the mail! I LOVE the envelope! I've ordered 2 other metalic oranges to see if I like them better than the flat orange pictured here! I will be trimming down the orange and white so that it looks more like the one I am trying to copy, exposing more of the brown, like the green in the other one.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Casual??

Keep in mind....

1. Our wedding is outdoors.
2. The reception is in a "barn-like" structure.
3. I will be doing lots of dancing!
4. And, this would just be for the reception, not the ceremony :-)
5. Guys will not be in tux's

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LOTS of Weekend Stuff....

On my trip to Crate and Barrel Friday, I found this stuff too! The ultra sleek toasting flutes I'd been hunting, and some perfect, orange card holders for the explaining each of the desserts!

Then, in Target yesterday they had the brown peep-toe pumps I'd been eying online on sale! Yay! They also had some fun greenery that's exactly what goes in my bouquet! Only $2.99 for each bunch! :-) The second picture is what my bouquet will look like :-)

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I took some fun pictures of my ring in one of the flutes last night too!

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The BCBG Dress from Ebay arrived on Saturday!!! I really, really like it!!!! Jeremy wasn't a huge fan, because he doesn't care too much for sequins. I will continue to look at dresses for the reception, but this is a solid option! :-)

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