Monday, February 16, 2009

I had a dream last night....

It is VERY rare for me to remember my dreams....

1. It was the wedding day
2. I don't remember the ceremony,
3. I think the dream started right after the ceremony.
4. We immidiatly went into the reception, and everyone started dancing.
5. The band was there, and not very good.
6. There were no tables set up.
7. The catering company did not show.
8. In the middle of dancing I realized I'd gotten married in my reception dress.
9. I then realized we had forgotten to take any pictures after the ceremony.
10. So I went running out the the hotel at our venue, most of our guests were on the steps and porch.
11. Jeremy was in the parking lot, drunk and dancing. The photographers seemed way more interested in photographing him, than the whole group.
12. After being annoyed that I was in no pictures I decided to go back and dance.
13. The band was packing up because no one was dancing.
14. The one table in the reception had a white table cloth that was soaking wet because a massive downpour started and the rain blew in the side door.
15. All this happened mid-afternoon.
16. Apparently we got married at like 1 PM

Note to self.... Make a must do, must take photo, and schedule lists..... maybe I won't forget to actually get married in my wedding dress on the big day.... :-(

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Ashley and David said...

Oh girl! We promise not to forget the bride in wedding day photos!!!! :)