Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I stopped in Marshalls on the way home to look for more of the candle holders I found in Winston on Monday (I'll post pics soon).... no luck.... BUT I did find a cake plate for our wedding cake, and the cutest brown bolero to wear over my wedding dress, if it's chilly on the big day!

Upon entering the dressing room, the woman working says "Is that for an adult? Oh, I see, Cute!" I replied "I thought it might look good over my wedding dress if it's cold" her response... "Ok.... oh, that would be cute!" (she seemed a little slow.... probably hated the idea, and then realizing what she'd said, and wanted to take her foot out of her mouth)

Tried it on, LOVED it!

Went to checkout... the checkout clerk (probably 45-50ish lady) was like, "oh this is nice" and I told her the same senario of wearing it over my dress.... she then looked at me like I was the most tasteless bride she'd ever seen, and was like "hmm, ok"

I get home, all excited to show Jeremy.... and he basically had the same reaction the checkout lady did.... Whatever, I mean, I don't anticipate it to be below 65 degrees on the wedding day... but I also don't anticipate 75 degrees in February (ahem... last week!) I'm just trying to be prepared.... damn.

This is not my dress, nor the jacket.... but this is close to the jacket I bought.... picture it chocolate brown

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BTW- this is the Balenciaga dress and jacket Nicole Kidman wore when she married Keith Urban... Nicole has style right? Yeah, I thought so too....


Hannah Noel said...

Hey, if you like it, then DO it and don't worry what anyone else says!!! :P

Krista said...

I think it's cute. I wonder if the ladies were concerned about it being brown? You're right, though Nicole definitely has taste!