Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've decided to sell....

My "ginger" BCBG dress and my white and gold Michael Kors dress! Interested? Email me at pinkladiej@gmail.com!

BCBG- New with Tags! **SOLD**

Not sure of the size... I will look when I get home... but I am a size 8 and it fits me perfect! The fabric is giving, and would probably fit someone up to a size 10. Hits just below the knee.
It has an attached ginger (color) lining, ruched waist, and gold threaded stripes in the fabric!

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$75 + 6 shipping

Michael Kors- New with Tags!

Size 10, and it's a little big on me.... the dress measures about 31 1/2 inches around the empire waist, I am about 29". Beautiful, white, cotton dress with gold detail. Has some gold sequins in the detail. Hits just below the knee. I had purchased it for my reception. I also have a gold short sleeve cardigan that I bought to wear with it if you're interested in that too! ($10 for it!)

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(with gold cardigan $10, extra.... some nicer buttons could really dress this up!!)
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$85 + 6 Shipping

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Budget Crunch

We got our tax stuff back, via email from our accountant last night.... oh we owe, we owe, we owe!!!! Several thousand........

But it's ok, this is a "we thing" now.

My head immediately went to... how can I save.... MORE money... Yikes. I already had a "modest" budget of $16,000 (some of you are probably thinking... DAMN, that's a lot of money.... and the rest of you, that have actually paid for a wedding.... know that to put on the kind of event we are.... catered meal, band, location for a whole weekend.... are thinking WHOA.... you're doing all that for 16k!)

Well, we still owe our vendors around 7k. The next 6 months will be a fun and creative time of saving as many pennies as possible. We'd made a trip to IKEA yesterday to look at dressers, desks, office chairs and rugs. Luckily, we only left with a $15 trash can, and having had a snack of Swedish Meatballs (and damn, they were good!). We've now decided that all the new goodies we'd picked out will have to wait until after the wedding is over, along with the electric fence we had decided to install around our yard for the doggies. :-( But, on the bright side... that's only about 6 months away!

Hmmmm..... wonder if you can register at IKEA???

I am thankful that:

1. We have enough in the bank to pay the taxes.
2. I didn't spend a couple hundred to renew my YMCA membership this month.
3. We still have 6 months to come up with the extra few thousand we'll need for our vendors.

Now.... I get to re-evaluate some of the decisions that we have yet to pay for. Fun. Fun. Ugh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Booked!

We booked our trip to Antigua last night!! :-) We agonized over which room to get, but in the end, we splurged for the penthouse suite!!! Wahooo! I can't wait!!!

Wedding? Did someone say wedding? I'm just in it for the honeymoon!!! :-)

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Rainy Day Cheer

Just as I sat down in my airplane seat to leave San Antonio on Monday I checked my email. BM Melanie had sent me these photos..... it's nasty in NC and most of the southeast today... these cheer me up.... they are tulip fields in Holland..... my absolute favorite flower!!!!! I will be carrying orange ones with white calla lilies and the girls will carry white ones!

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My Bouquet-
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BM's.... but with shorter stems...
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dolly Debate

I really love this dress.

It's so dreamy and flow-ey.

I could rock my gold Juicy shoes with it.

But it's $500

Is it worth it?

I've decided to wait as long as possible before ordering it, in case I find something else, I don't want to have to pay their restocking fee of 20%

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Dress is Dolly Couture


While I was SO persistant about wearing orange shoes.... I think I'm letting it go. I was hunting a while back for teal shoes for BM Melanie, and these popped up in teal, I liked them so much I ordered them in brown.... and I LOVE them! I've worn them almost every warm day so far. So, I got to thinking.... they would look good with my dress.... the flower detail and all!

and PS.... they make them in a bunch of colors! and at only $39, you could own them in every color!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So that stamp I ordered from Staples.... still not here.... So today when a co-worker asked me if I needed anything from Staples I said no, but I'll go. So we went and it dawned on me I still had not received that pesky stamp! I asked the girl about it.... she said that the warehouse was still out of the piece I needed, but she could probably transfer the order to Mooresville and they could have it for me today, maybe tomorrow! So hopefully, I will get to start on my invitations soon!!! :-)

Baby News....

I'm gonna be an aunt (almost) AGAIN!

Jeremy will be an uncle for the first time... twice!

We found out last week, Megan, Jeremy's sister is expecting twins!!! YAY! :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DIY Chandelier!

This whole lighting issue has had me in a funk.... what to do, what to do.... fork out too much money for amazing chandeliers , that I could hopefully resell.... or figure out something else.....

well while avoiding work today I saw this!!!!

I could make them in any size!

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found here



72. Find Chandeliers... or some other cool/rustic lighting
73. Gather Addresses
74. Decide on my "something special" for my MOH
75. Continue to think about my 2nd b-pic session outfits
76. Hair and makeup trial with Elizabeth

Still To Do....

In my head, I've done a lot. In reality, I've done a lot. But I keep thinking of things still to do. I need to make a list. If I publicize it, maybe I'll get on it.

1. Make invites (still waiting on my stupid postcard stamp from staples!!)
2. Find Jeremy a shirt.
3. Find my dad a shirt.
4. Decide on parent gifts.
5. Send in contracts for catering and music (doing TODAY!)
6. Schedule a cake appointment.
7. Search for a fiddle player... anyone know one?
8. Figure out ceremony music.
9. Figure out sleeping arrangements for the night before (we've decided to pay for 1/2 of our wedding party's rooms... but where?)
10. Find the rest of our ties.
11. Book honeymoon.
12. Pre-marital counseling.
13. Think about ideas for the "getting ready room" at the venue (provide champaign to drink and snacks for girls, beer and such for the boys)
14. Decide on rehearsal dinner... I want BBQ, but not sure it's the best idea. Maybe hotdogs, burgers and brauts??
15. Decide on reception alcohol.
16. Lunch on the big day? How? Where? What?
17. Linens... rent or make table cloths from muslin... it fits my rustic feel better... but is it cost effective?
18. Passport.
19. Figure out Sunday brunch? Waffles, fruit, juice, coffee....
20. Reception dress??? I currently have 3..... but I'm still searching....
21. Spigot Jars- having Lemonade, Tea and Water... should we get gallons from Chick-Fil-A? (After all, they do have the BEST lemonade and tea!) or let the catering co. provide it?
22. Buy plastic cups for spigot jar beverages.
23. Buy groomsmen gifts.
24. Purchase paper products for rehearsal dinner.

Week of:
1. Haircut.
2. Nails.
3. Tan.
4. Make pumpkin pie and kiss cake.... maybe 4 layer chocolate pie. (Thursday night)

I am sure I will think of many more things to add......

Friday, March 13, 2009


... has been arriving box by box

Belks has been shipping us all our Geoffry Beene pieces from different Belks stores... our living room has been taken over by the empty boxes the last few days.... finally got most of the pants and jackets paired up to give out.... currently they are hanging in the guest bath....

We are still waiting on one jacket and one pair of pants, Jeremy's dad picked up his and his brother's yesterday... so here's what's left.....

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday :-)

This weekend I traveled to Myrtle Beach for work. Well, since I was so close to Wilmington, I thought I'd travel up there on Sunday for lunch with two of my bridesmaids! We had a very nice time having lunch at P.T.s Grill! It's so nice to see them, since they were a part of my daily routine for almost 2 years, and now I've seen them very few times since I left Wilmington a year and a half ago! I got to see Sabrina's little man Kaleb too! He's such a cutie, and becoming a "little person" as I like to call him! He's out of that "baby" stage now. Karen and I even had a quick little chat about a bachelorette party that will probably be held in Raleigh, but I'm leaving that up to the BM's! :-)

I love you girls! Thanks so much for making time to meet up yesterday! I miss you two terribly already!

BTW- I totally burnt the crap out of my shoulders having lunch outside, and then riding with the top down for an hour and a half on the way home! Oops!

Friday, March 6, 2009

PSA- Boudior Opportunities!

Two of my FAVORITE photographers (including the one I've been using) are teaming up to do boudoir shoots TOGETHER!!!!

Ashley Stephenson of Story Photographers


April Sirit of Evoke

are working together! Click on Ashley's link to read all about it!!!

I can't say enough good... no scratch that... GREAT things about taking boudoir photos! It was an amazing experience. No matter what your body type, shape or anything, DO IT! It will make you 100000% more confident in how you see yourself. I know for a fact, I'm a good 15-20 lbs hevier than ever, in the worst health I've been in, but you'd never know that looking at the photos, and feeling the way I felt during shooting!

Have questions? Just ask! I'll be glad to answer!

BTW- The pics on Ashley's blog.... yeah, they're ME! :-)

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(The V-Day card I made Jeremy, had this picture!)

Think of the birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift... that he'll NEVER forget! :-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rehearsal Night

For our rehearsal dinner we want to have a casual cookout, where everyone can hang out and have a great time. Well, to make it a little more fun, we've decided to do a group outing after dinner! Since we are not staying at our venue (Sertoma 4-H Center) on Friday night, we thought we'd be in Winston, the closest big city. Well, we've had a change of heart.

I brought up the idea to Jeremy a few weeks ago to take everyone to the drive-in move in theater in Mt. Airy!!! He loved it, especially since he (and many others) have never been to a drive-in! So now we get to hunt for a good hotel in Mt. Airy! YAY! I'm so excited!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I don't think I got all the shampoo out of my hair this morning, and now pieces of my hair are all stiff and yucky.

That's all I got today.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Good Times and in Bad.....

Just an FYI for anyone thinking about going to Hickory's Steve White Motors.... DON'T

Went yesterday to test drive a Jeep Liberty... Loved it! Thad our sales guy was nice, but you could tell he was the manager's puppet... running back and forth to tell us things the finance mgr said, when he could have just as easily come and told us himself.
They made me put my 6K downpayment down without even seeing my interest rate! They said to wait 15-20 mins and the paperwork would be ready... we were told that twice.... finally after at least an hour, we were pissed. I went to find Thad... I asked him why we had been waiting... apparently it was because we were waiting to hear from their lenders. They tried to talk us into a 15% loan!!!!!!!!!!!! I told their sales manager that he was crazy.
The sales manager pulled up our credit and proceeded to tell us why our rate was so high... because our credit was "so bad" I just bought a house last year, with damn good credit.... we were just qualified for the best rate possible at VW... and you're telling me the best you've got is 15%.... give me an effing break! AND if they aren't the one holding the loan, why the hell were they looking at my credit!
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! Don't waste your time! If they do have something you want... it might be on ebay.... the jeep we went for was listed on ebay, and they canceled the listing as soon as we signed our applications.... get your own lender, and don't deal with these people if they have something you want!
I asked that they refund my 6K payment immediately, and we left! It was awful, a waste of a day!