Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still To Do....

In my head, I've done a lot. In reality, I've done a lot. But I keep thinking of things still to do. I need to make a list. If I publicize it, maybe I'll get on it.

1. Make invites (still waiting on my stupid postcard stamp from staples!!)
2. Find Jeremy a shirt.
3. Find my dad a shirt.
4. Decide on parent gifts.
5. Send in contracts for catering and music (doing TODAY!)
6. Schedule a cake appointment.
7. Search for a fiddle player... anyone know one?
8. Figure out ceremony music.
9. Figure out sleeping arrangements for the night before (we've decided to pay for 1/2 of our wedding party's rooms... but where?)
10. Find the rest of our ties.
11. Book honeymoon.
12. Pre-marital counseling.
13. Think about ideas for the "getting ready room" at the venue (provide champaign to drink and snacks for girls, beer and such for the boys)
14. Decide on rehearsal dinner... I want BBQ, but not sure it's the best idea. Maybe hotdogs, burgers and brauts??
15. Decide on reception alcohol.
16. Lunch on the big day? How? Where? What?
17. Linens... rent or make table cloths from muslin... it fits my rustic feel better... but is it cost effective?
18. Passport.
19. Figure out Sunday brunch? Waffles, fruit, juice, coffee....
20. Reception dress??? I currently have 3..... but I'm still searching....
21. Spigot Jars- having Lemonade, Tea and Water... should we get gallons from Chick-Fil-A? (After all, they do have the BEST lemonade and tea!) or let the catering co. provide it?
22. Buy plastic cups for spigot jar beverages.
23. Buy groomsmen gifts.
24. Purchase paper products for rehearsal dinner.

Week of:
1. Haircut.
2. Nails.
3. Tan.
4. Make pumpkin pie and kiss cake.... maybe 4 layer chocolate pie. (Thursday night)

I am sure I will think of many more things to add......


Karen said...

What about the bakery up the road for lunch? You know how much we love them =D

jemmessica said...

I was totally thinking about that!!!!

Karen said...

That's their website =D

jemmessica said...


Hannah Noel said...

For our rehearsal we're doing Buffalo Wild Wings!!
Do you know how much tea per gallon costs from Chic-fi-la? I LOVE sweet tea. I was thinking of buying a ton of red diamond for the reception!