Monday, March 30, 2009

The Budget Crunch

We got our tax stuff back, via email from our accountant last night.... oh we owe, we owe, we owe!!!! Several thousand........

But it's ok, this is a "we thing" now.

My head immediately went to... how can I save.... MORE money... Yikes. I already had a "modest" budget of $16,000 (some of you are probably thinking... DAMN, that's a lot of money.... and the rest of you, that have actually paid for a wedding.... know that to put on the kind of event we are.... catered meal, band, location for a whole weekend.... are thinking WHOA.... you're doing all that for 16k!)

Well, we still owe our vendors around 7k. The next 6 months will be a fun and creative time of saving as many pennies as possible. We'd made a trip to IKEA yesterday to look at dressers, desks, office chairs and rugs. Luckily, we only left with a $15 trash can, and having had a snack of Swedish Meatballs (and damn, they were good!). We've now decided that all the new goodies we'd picked out will have to wait until after the wedding is over, along with the electric fence we had decided to install around our yard for the doggies. :-( But, on the bright side... that's only about 6 months away!

Hmmmm..... wonder if you can register at IKEA???

I am thankful that:

1. We have enough in the bank to pay the taxes.
2. I didn't spend a couple hundred to renew my YMCA membership this month.
3. We still have 6 months to come up with the extra few thousand we'll need for our vendors.

Now.... I get to re-evaluate some of the decisions that we have yet to pay for. Fun. Fun. Ugh.

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