Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Good Times and in Bad.....

Just an FYI for anyone thinking about going to Hickory's Steve White Motors.... DON'T

Went yesterday to test drive a Jeep Liberty... Loved it! Thad our sales guy was nice, but you could tell he was the manager's puppet... running back and forth to tell us things the finance mgr said, when he could have just as easily come and told us himself.
They made me put my 6K downpayment down without even seeing my interest rate! They said to wait 15-20 mins and the paperwork would be ready... we were told that twice.... finally after at least an hour, we were pissed. I went to find Thad... I asked him why we had been waiting... apparently it was because we were waiting to hear from their lenders. They tried to talk us into a 15% loan!!!!!!!!!!!! I told their sales manager that he was crazy.
The sales manager pulled up our credit and proceeded to tell us why our rate was so high... because our credit was "so bad" I just bought a house last year, with damn good credit.... we were just qualified for the best rate possible at VW... and you're telling me the best you've got is 15%.... give me an effing break! AND if they aren't the one holding the loan, why the hell were they looking at my credit!
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! Don't waste your time! If they do have something you want... it might be on ebay.... the jeep we went for was listed on ebay, and they canceled the listing as soon as we signed our applications.... get your own lender, and don't deal with these people if they have something you want!
I asked that they refund my 6K payment immediately, and we left! It was awful, a waste of a day!


Rachel said...

If you really want the car...I recommend trying Capital 1 Car Loan. You can apply online in a few minutes, and they will send you a blank check. They have very good rates. Then, you take the check with proof of your fin rate to the dealer...and buy the car. No haggling, just give them teh check. Or, what happened to us, is our car dealer all teh sudden was able to come up with a rate lower than cap 1.

jemmessica said...

Thanks for the info rachel!