Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday :-)

This weekend I traveled to Myrtle Beach for work. Well, since I was so close to Wilmington, I thought I'd travel up there on Sunday for lunch with two of my bridesmaids! We had a very nice time having lunch at P.T.s Grill! It's so nice to see them, since they were a part of my daily routine for almost 2 years, and now I've seen them very few times since I left Wilmington a year and a half ago! I got to see Sabrina's little man Kaleb too! He's such a cutie, and becoming a "little person" as I like to call him! He's out of that "baby" stage now. Karen and I even had a quick little chat about a bachelorette party that will probably be held in Raleigh, but I'm leaving that up to the BM's! :-)

I love you girls! Thanks so much for making time to meet up yesterday! I miss you two terribly already!

BTW- I totally burnt the crap out of my shoulders having lunch outside, and then riding with the top down for an hour and a half on the way home! Oops!

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