Friday, March 6, 2009

PSA- Boudior Opportunities!

Two of my FAVORITE photographers (including the one I've been using) are teaming up to do boudoir shoots TOGETHER!!!!

Ashley Stephenson of Story Photographers


April Sirit of Evoke

are working together! Click on Ashley's link to read all about it!!!

I can't say enough good... no scratch that... GREAT things about taking boudoir photos! It was an amazing experience. No matter what your body type, shape or anything, DO IT! It will make you 100000% more confident in how you see yourself. I know for a fact, I'm a good 15-20 lbs hevier than ever, in the worst health I've been in, but you'd never know that looking at the photos, and feeling the way I felt during shooting!

Have questions? Just ask! I'll be glad to answer!

BTW- The pics on Ashley's blog.... yeah, they're ME! :-)

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(The V-Day card I made Jeremy, had this picture!)

Think of the birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift... that he'll NEVER forget! :-)


Wedding Corner said...

Thanks for sharing the idea. I checked her blog. You look gorgeous!!


jemmessica said...

Thanks! Ashley is AWESOME!