Friday, January 30, 2009


In NC we have a boutique called Monkee's (it's in a few other southern states too) Well, I used to work next to one, and knew they carried high end shoes and clothes. I decided I needed some eye candy after a rough day at work, so I went in the new Davidson store on the way to South Park. I laid my eyes on these.....

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How beautiful..... I'm not usually a Juicy fan, but these might have won me over! Too bad everywhere I look they are around $275!! I'll be making an inspiration board with these for sure!

Crate and Barrel update...

I went down to South Park Mall to the Crate and Barrel to see what I could get done about my broken beverage jars. The girl that helped me was awesome! Since I had an uneven number of jars and lids, the manager decided that they would make my whole order a loss (meaning all 3 lids and jars were broken upon arrival) and give me 3 new jars and lids! Yeah! That means I'm ending up with an extra jar and 2 extra lids for FREE!!!! YAY!!!

Bride Wars

I went to the movies last night with BM Melanie! We had a fantastic girls date night! Dinner and a (cheap) movie! Only $5 during the week! YAY!

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Garden Ridge Finds

I ventured to Garden Ridge last night, not looking for anything in particular. They had all their "specialty" Christmas ornaments 90% off! So I wandered down the aisle. They had these cute brown and orange birds! I walked around the store thinking about them, I finally decided they would look cute next to our cake! As if they were love birds! I will take a picture of them and post sometime!

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I also went over to there kitchen section and they had TONS of beige tablecloths for $5! They were oblong, so I'm not sure about them, or how many I will need.... but I thought if we layered them down our long tables, it might give an interesting scallop design on the sides. Any thoughts??

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spigot Jars Update...

A nice big box had arrived when I got home yesterday... it was my Crate and Barrel spigot jars to use at the ceremony.... I picked up one of the tightly wrapped jars..... broken.... I picked up the second jar..... it was good and in one piece..... jar #3.... broken :-(

Now I get to deal with Crate and Barrel's return services.... fun, fun!

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Shoe update

The gold "hooker heels" I ordered from Smart Bargain arrived... they are BEAUTIFUL! Way less hooker, than I thought! Sadly, they are SUPER DUPER tall!!! I am good in heels, but these are just too high... they are going back :-(

The Kate Spade's arrived.... they are too small :-( They are going back too :-(

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ebay Finds....

Was browsing ebay for reception dress possisblities, and came across these....

The first one is a little casual, but I still like it!

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Cache finds...

I've been in Raleigh the last couple of days for work. I had a chance to run by Crabtree Vally Mall wanting to look in Pottery Barn for more orange table runners.... they didn't have any, but I thought while I was there I would walk over to Cache. I tried on 2 dresses, one was way too modern with funky gathering, the other, was timeless, and elegant. It was very, very tight, and I didn't think to ask the sales girl for a bigger size. The more I've thought about this dress the more I like it. It is sassy, because it's fitted, but timeless because of the style. I couldn't find the exact dress on the website, but here it is in denim, use your imagination and picture this is in beautiful, ivory lace! I might venture to North Lake Mall here in Charlotte when I leave work!

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I did find this on their website though.... how cute! It would be perfect for a bridal shower, or even Easter! And, even better, it's on sale!

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Monday, January 26, 2009


We had our first catering appointment this Saturday. We visited Salem Kitchen in Winston, and met Hope Mabe. She was awesome!!! So sweet and helpful, and the food we tried was amazing! We tried...

1. Something Different Chicken (Chicken breast, seasoned with breadcrumbs)
2. Chicken Piccata (White wine sauce, mushrooms and capers)
3. Pork Normandy (seasoned pork tenderloin)

1. Garlic mashed potatoes
2. Sweet potato casserole
3. Harbor Salad
4. Baked apples

Everything was soooo Good! I'm eating leftovers for lunch today! Eating "wedding food" has put me in even more of a "wedding planning mood"

Ring Pictures

I picked up my wedding ring (the eternity ring) on Friday!! It's perfect!! :-)

I decided I wanted to play with my SLR film camera yesterday... the battery was dead :-( So while Jeremy ran to CVS to get some new batteries, I took these with my digital... they are ok, but I can't wait to get my film developed! I'll post those when I get them!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Orange Shoes!!!

On Monday I ventured in TJMaxx (my favorite store!) and peeked in the shoe section hoping to find some cute orange ones. Low and behold, a pair of Tahari slingbacks for only $40! I snatched them up, and took them home!

I was looking for flats, but these will work!

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A Good Book

I saw this on someone else's blog, and decided to order it! Got it yesterday, and couldn't put it down! It has so many great ideas and websites that I'd never heard of! Check it out if you are looking for new ideas and ways to save money on a wedding!

Steal of the Day!!

I saw these a few weeks ago, today they were listed on for ONLY $19!!! I had to have them!

They only had my size left (7), I knew it was meant to be!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Borderline Hooker Heels

I won the BCBG dress listed below on ebay! (mine is the color "chalk" and it's a pale gold, not silver like the picture) YAY! I knew I'd better have snazzy shoes to go with that dress.... I bought these.....

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..... yes, borderline hooker, I know.... we'll see how they look when they arrive! They are from

Etsy Invitation Love

I've recently become more and more interested in my invites.... they were something that I hadn't give tons of thought to, till now.... Here's a few from Etsy that I LOVE.... the last one is my favorite!! It's not exactly the right colors, but pretty darn close!

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Guys Attire

After debating tux vs. no tux we've decided.... NO TUX.... it's just not necessary for our outdoor soirée! We decided that all the guys will buy suits! We like these from Belks!

Jacket- $89.99
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Pants- $39.99
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Place Cards or No Place Cards????

I REALLY don't want to do "assigned seats". It's additional work that is just not necessary. But, here lies the problem... Jeremy wants to give people a choice for their dinner option. I don't. You'll eat what I want you to eat.

Well, you can see the problem. If I give people an option, I must do place cards so the servers know who gets what.

We have our first catering appointment at Salem Kitchen on Saturday, I am praying Jeremy only likes one of their dinner options and we can just go with that!

Place Cards-
1. People get a dinner choice

No Place Cards-
1. People can sit with whoever
2. If someone brings an uninvited date it's not obvious

What would you do??

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pushing the "Traditional" Envelope

I've been thinking about this for a while..... and after discussing it with Jeremy yesterday, we've decided to go for it....

His groomsmen will not be acting as ushers and seating guests (I know, I can hear you all GASP!) Since our wedding is outdoors, and casual-ish, we didn't see the need for it. Plus, that means for the 45 minuets before the ceremony, Jeremy will not get to hang out with his guys, as they would be busy.

All the guys and the preacher will be hanging out in the chapel together. So, we decided that behind the last two benches we will place sofa tables (one on each side). One side will have three spigot jars like these, but I won't be spending $80 each on them! Yikes! They will most likely have lemonade, sweet tea, and maybe an orange-ade. With some plastic punch cups and cocktail napkins on a nice tray. I've often thought it would be nice to have a drink while waiting for the ceremony, and during.

The other side will have a basket of some kind, holding our programs, a sign that says something like "Thank you for coming to share this special day with us, please have a drink and seat yourself. Love, Jeremy and Jessica" It will also have a couple of pictures of us, maybe a few of our engagement pictures?

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Here's the layout (not to scale) of how this will be set up.... I am a visual person, and have to see to understand!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Wedding Weekend!

This weekend we ventured to Duck, NC for one of Jeremy's college buddies wedding. Jeremy was a groomsmen, so we got there late Thursday night. Here are a few pictures from Brian and Chelsea's big day!

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Reception Dress #5

OK, my future-sister-in-law gave me a bunch of magazines yesterday, and I rode back home with Jeremy flipping through them, and saw a girl wearing this dress at her reception.... LOVE IT!! It's in the 2008 fall BCBG line, which basically means it can only be found on ebay. I have yet to find one that offers a return policy, but I just might buy it anyway! :-)

It's got the sassiness I was looking for!

(The tulle tie will be tied tighter than in the picture)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trying Something New...

I bought my wedding dress back in October. It's a little more snug than it needs to be around my hips. It does zip, and it's the perfect length.

Anyways... Jeremy bought me a Wii Fit for my birthday back in November. I'd been wanting one since getting the Wii at the end of the summer, but we weren't able to find one. I've been using now for about 3 weeks. So far, I'm only down like one pound. :-(

I usually workout between getting home from work and dinner. Well, we are leaving for a wedding at the coast late this afternoon. I will not be able to Wii Fit again till Sunday. So, knowing I couldn't do it this evening, I forced myself out of bed to do it at 6:30. I was not happy. I was only able to get in about 15 minuets... pathetic, I know. :-(

I can say, I have been eating better, that's good, right?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How Adorable is My Mom?!

For those of you who don't know me personally, I lost my Mom when I was 17. She was my best friend. I hate that she will not physically be there on our big day.

Right after we got engaged, we went to see my sister and her family to show off my bling.... we then proceeded to get out our parents wedding album and look through it. I'd seen it a hundred times, but now had a different perspective, being a bride-to-be.

I'm not sure if it was very common to have a get-a-way outfit in 1969, but in any case, my Mom wore the cutest little blue suit. We won't be doing a grand exit because we're staying at our location, along with some of our guests and wedding party, so I will not be wearing a get-a-way outfit.

BUT... since we have decided to do a "day after" wedding shoot, I think I might try and tackle the project of making a replica of my moms suit for some of the photos. Anyone have advice on sewing a fitted jacket??? It's going to be a pain!

Check out my cute parents on their big day!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bridesmaids Shirts are Done! :-)

Got an email from etsy seller ZeCE that the shirts I had made are done! YAY!

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Reception Dress Update

Got the dress..... was disapointed. I didn't like how it fit, and the material was a little too shiny for me.

My search continues!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Boudoir Photos!!!!!

My wonderful photographer Ashley Stephenson of Story Photographers posted my b-pics on her website!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to post one on here sooooo bad, but will not, for fear that the wrong person will see them, or Jeremy will stumble upon it!

Wanna see? Just ask, I'll tell you where to find them!!! (they are password protected!)

I should rename myself the Target Bride.....

I found one of my bridesmaid gifts at Target on Saturday!!! :-)

Too bad, several of them read this, so I won't be posting any of my finds for them on here!

Wanna know... just ask ;-)

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Shoe Find!

I wandered over to Marshalls yesterday looking for vases.... but came home with these.... in white! They were only $7!!!!

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I plan to do something like this to them..... Maybe an orange flower??! Found this on

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Makeup & Hair Stylist Booked!!!

YAY! Elizabeth Tolley, who did my hair/makeup for my b-pics will be doing it on the BIG day too!!!

Check her out!

Why must they be $109??

how cute are these!!!!???!!
why must you be so expensive Kate Spade?

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's official! We're going to Antigua!

I booked our flight!!! :-)

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Invite issues

So, I have a couple of "friends" from high school, who I was really close to for several years (not the past few) I recently found out they have been taking bets to see if they will get an invite!! One of them even asked one of my bridesmaids that if he doesn't get an invite, if she will take him as her date!!!!!! UGH!!!! How rude can you be!

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My First Love....

Is the place where I am getting married! I cannot express what Sertoma 4-H Center means to me. As a child, I was a camper there for 3 summers, I think (1995-1997) It's always been a magical place to me. The history, the details, everything is wonderful. It's the only place I like calling home now. The house I grew up in has been sold, and I don't live in my hometown anymore. I am also now the product of a single parent family. This is the one place from my childhood that has not changed. Above being a beautiful place, it's home to me.

Recently, one of my old camp councilors put a few fun pictures on facebook from those summers. Enjoy!

The Great Grange Challenge... We still do this at camp! (PS- I work for the Grange now!)

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I'm on the far left, must have been awards night at camp.

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I'm sure I am in this picture somewhere! It's fun to say that I will be getting married on this lawn in just under 9 months!!

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And, I just had to include this one.... this is Karen, one of my bridesmaids... we met at camp! I am sure she will want to murder me for putting this up here! HAHAHA!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun Shirts!

I LOVE these shirts for bridesmaids!

The front....

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The back....

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Got it!

I arrived home yesterday to find a David's Bridal box on my doorstep! YAY! After taking the doggies out I ripped into it! I was pleasantly surprised! I immediately ran upstairs to try it on.

It's a little big in the chest! So I'm sending it back for one size smaller. So far, it's my favorite! I still think I might want a shade shorter hemline.

It's nice and flowey, it's a perfect dancing dress, however, it does not have the sassiness that I'm looking for.

Monday, January 5, 2009

On a happier note....

The David's Bridal (ugh) dress I ordered that everyone is loving, should be delivered today! I keep stalking the UPS tracking to see if it's made it to my doorstep! So far, I keep getting "out for delivery" on the tracking!!!

I just hope it doesn't need a signature!!

I have no clue why the chick is blue on here! She's not blue on my computer!

oops, I did it again

..... no, not Britney, although I am a closet fan.....

I had something shipped to an old address :-(

You'd think after the Chloe shoe fiasco, I would have been super cautious to not have this happen again. I failed.

The white dress I ordered (pictured below) was shipped to the apartment I lived in the first half of 2008.

I called the office on Friday to let them know what happened, and if they would please inform whoever lives there to be on the lookout for a package, and to just take it to the office, I'd come pick it up.

Well, I tracked the package, it said it was delivered on Friday (early!) It wasn't supposed to be delivered till tomorrow. I called the office to see if they had it..... nope. :-(

So, either the current resident 1. didn't get the memo in time, or 2. they kept the dresses for themselves, 3. have been slow about getting it to the office, or 4.they rejected the package.

Let's hope it's not #2.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Refection of 2008

2008 was a WONDERFUL year! It's one of the best I've had in a while! Here are a few things I did this year....

1. Got a new job in January... can't believe I've been here almost a year!
2. Bought my first car (mom and dad bought the first 2)... a completely unpractical, red, convertible bug :-)
3. Shared my love of Chicago with Jeremy, he loves it now too.
4. Went camping in Uharrie.
5. Participated in 2 VW car shows.
6. Visited Carowinds for the first time.
7. Bought a house.
8. Moved in with Jeremy.
7. Spent a week at Grange Camp for the first time in years.
8. Had the opportunity to work with National Grange in New Jersey.
9. Spoke my mind at State Grange Convention.
10. Witnessed Matt and Aeriel tie the knot.
11. Survived DC, NYC and CT on the geriatric express.
12. Got engaged. :-)
13. Turned 25.
14. Witnessed Megan and Adam tie the knot.
15. Visited DC for the first and second time.

Goals for 2009

1. Be healthier.
2. Not to stress about the wedding.
3. Be cleaner.
4. Not be a pack rat.
5. Sew more.
6. Sell stuff on etsy.
7. Be nicer to Jeremy.
5. Jeremy and I to get our finances straight.
6. Limit my shopping to fabric, and wedding stuff.

It's my wedding year! Wahoo!

Happy New Year!

9 Months to go!!!