Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pushing the "Traditional" Envelope

I've been thinking about this for a while..... and after discussing it with Jeremy yesterday, we've decided to go for it....

His groomsmen will not be acting as ushers and seating guests (I know, I can hear you all GASP!) Since our wedding is outdoors, and casual-ish, we didn't see the need for it. Plus, that means for the 45 minuets before the ceremony, Jeremy will not get to hang out with his guys, as they would be busy.

All the guys and the preacher will be hanging out in the chapel together. So, we decided that behind the last two benches we will place sofa tables (one on each side). One side will have three spigot jars like these, but I won't be spending $80 each on them! Yikes! They will most likely have lemonade, sweet tea, and maybe an orange-ade. With some plastic punch cups and cocktail napkins on a nice tray. I've often thought it would be nice to have a drink while waiting for the ceremony, and during.

The other side will have a basket of some kind, holding our programs, a sign that says something like "Thank you for coming to share this special day with us, please have a drink and seat yourself. Love, Jeremy and Jessica" It will also have a couple of pictures of us, maybe a few of our engagement pictures?

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Here's the layout (not to scale) of how this will be set up.... I am a visual person, and have to see to understand!

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Newport Nuptials said...

Having refreshments at the ceremony is very thoughtful and unique! I have neevr seen it done, but I really like that idea!