Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Invite issues

So, I have a couple of "friends" from high school, who I was really close to for several years (not the past few) I recently found out they have been taking bets to see if they will get an invite!! One of them even asked one of my bridesmaids that if he doesn't get an invite, if she will take him as her date!!!!!! UGH!!!! How rude can you be!

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Krista said...

Oh dear! I stumbled across your blog via M and M Wedding ... Those are some mean people. Do they realize how mean that is?

Is there a way to nicely let them know you discovered their contest? (I can't think of a way of letting them know without lowering yourself into a fight, so it's probably not worth it.)

jemmessica said...

oh one of them point blank told me they had a bet!!!!

This is how I responded...

"I think it's pretty rude to question your invite. I already know that Alan asked Melanie to take him as her date if he doesn't get invited. I’m pretty sure someone who wanted to share the day with you wouldn’t be making bets behind my back. If you do get an invite, I would hope you're honored to get one, not happy/sad you won/lost a bet."