Thursday, January 22, 2009

Place Cards or No Place Cards????

I REALLY don't want to do "assigned seats". It's additional work that is just not necessary. But, here lies the problem... Jeremy wants to give people a choice for their dinner option. I don't. You'll eat what I want you to eat.

Well, you can see the problem. If I give people an option, I must do place cards so the servers know who gets what.

We have our first catering appointment at Salem Kitchen on Saturday, I am praying Jeremy only likes one of their dinner options and we can just go with that!

Place Cards-
1. People get a dinner choice

No Place Cards-
1. People can sit with whoever
2. If someone brings an uninvited date it's not obvious

What would you do??

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Pam said...

I understand the tedious place card debate and have had many discussions about it. I guess nobody does place cards here in southern Oklahoma. But i'm doing table assignments - not seat assignments. I've only been to one wedding in my life that didn't have place cards and it was AWKWARD. My mom and I didn't really know anyone there, everyone had "buffer" seats in between parties so there were scattered one seats everywhere, and you never really have a place that is "yours" so someone can take your seat if you choose to get up and do something - even more awkward to ask for your seat back. And if you have people coming in from out of town, it makes them feel more comfortable. Just my observations.