Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day Finds!

I had to make a trip to Winston last night for work, so I told Jeremy that I would stop by Hanes Mall to look at ties and shirts in Belks since that's where we are getting our guys suits (which should be ordered very soon!) They are giving us 15% off our total purchase, so we wanted to get as much as we could there! We stopped in the Belks at Northlake on Sunday to see if they had any ivory, french cuff shirts.... nope. But we were told that Geoffry Beene did make one, so I went looking for it in Winston.... they didn't have a GB one, but another brand, that I think we're gonna go with. Well while at Northlake we found some paisley print ties that Jeremy loved! So while in Winston I looked for them in brown for the guys and in ivory or orange for him. Found 3 in brown, so we need 4 more. I found him 2 ties, he liked them, but decided he wanted a paisley print tie too. So they are going back.

I also popped in Marshalls and found 2 matching candle holders that are awesome!!!

I will post pictures of all this later! :-)

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