Monday, June 8, 2009

Having Cold Feet....

about the whole dress issue. Here's the time line of events.

1. Jessica buys beautiful Amsale Tyler dress in October for 1/4 of retail.
2. Jessica has buyers remorse and sells said dress in March/April. She breaks even.
3. Her sister brings her their moms dress in April.
4. Jessica tries on the dress, it fits. Jessica starts thinking.
5. Jessica takes dress to seamstress to have it analyzed for the possibility for remaking it.
6. Jessica gets excited.
7. Jessica starts to have second thoughts about moms dress.
8. Jessica is still in love with a J. Crew dress she saw months ago.
9. Jessica decides to order said dress to see if she loves it as much in person.
10. Dress is G.O.N.E. from JCrew's site.
11. Dress magically reappears 3 days later on the site, but in a size to small, and too big.
12. She orders both.

13. She's anxiously waiting.......

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