Friday, June 5, 2009

A Bone To Pick....

OK, the knot got my on my nerves again today.

Today their was a discussion about how a girl was irritated with what she was spending on her future-sister-in-law's wedding this coming weekend, and that she was supposed to also provide a covered dish.

Her son and fiance are both in the wedding, she has to take off work, and bought herself a new outfit to wear. She's dropping a little over $400 to go to this event. And, she's even more outraged that they have decided to host a potlock reception, and expects this girl to provide a dish.

Really? Quit with the bitching. It's their day, if they want potluck, let them do it. Who cares!?! If it's what they want, big deal!

Luckily most of the girls were like..... Um yeah that's really not much to be spending.

Then another girl had the nerve to pipe in and say how she was outraged that a girl she knew was getting married, in another state, where no one lives, and providing their guests a veggie tray, and turkey sandwiches.

Well how dare she provide what she can afford!!?!?

The girl was pissed that she was spending x amount of money to go to the wedding, and not be fed a "proper" meal.

Give me an effing break!!!!!!!

Why is it that we expect brides and grooms (or whoever is footing the bill) to way overspend on one day???? You'd think as brides in this economy we'd be a little more simpathetic to these situations!

I personally think a potluck reception is awesome, and quite cost effective. I also think that if you can afford to serve sandwiches and veggies, and want to; great! I will gladly attend you wedding and bring my covered dish, or enjoy your sandwich (which could very well be packaged awesome, think, picnic theme!?!?!?!?! :-))

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