Thursday, April 30, 2009

OMG I Found Them!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy picked out some awesome brown paisley ties for the guys to wear.... he decided he wanted an orange paisley tie... we bought this one on

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I found these a couple of weeks ago, while hunting for a different pair of Via Spigas..... but they were sold out EVERYWHERE!!!!

until this morning..... one pair of 6.5s were on zappos!!!!

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Oh Cheri! said...

I stumbled across your blog and saw you're doing your wedding with an orange theme, so cool! Last year a girl bought orange corsets from me for her bridesmaids to wear and I thought they looked incredible.

Best wishes!


Bailey said...

LOVE your shoes!!! Those are going to look so amazing! I've been trying to keep up with everyones wedding plans through their blogs now, since my home computer is too slow for TK. I miss talking with everyone though! I was actually camping at Hanging Rock last weekend and saw signs for Sertoma! Thought about ya! Hope you're doing well! =)
- Bailey (SweetCarolinaBride)

Bailey said...

I'd love to get together for hiking some time! We were just talking about doing a "couples" camping trip sometime. Shoot me an email me at sweetcarolinabride@gmail if you want to!

Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

I'm absolutely smitten. I LOVE your shoes and his tie. AMAZING.