Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have been thinking about my up coming outdoor b-pics and what I wanted to wear. I would really like to use "normal" clothes and make them sexy.... I came across this on anthropologies website the other day and decided it might be really awesome for this..... maybe with some cute orange undies??? Well Jeremy and I trekked over to Northlake for me to find this and the orange belt shown a few posts below.... they had NEITHER!!! UGH!!! BUT... they said they could get them shipped to me for free from "direct" so that's what I did.... I ordered both, and they should be on their way soon! I also found some other really really cute stuff.... that Jeremy informed me, I'd have to wait for it to go on sale before purchasing.... :-(

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and I want....

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It has tulips all over it!

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If I ever have a little girl... I want this bedding in her room!

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Shannon said...

ooo..LOVE the idea of wearing normal clothes and making them sexy! You will make ANYTHING look sexy girl! And that pink & green dress, it's sitting in my shopping cart online waiting to be purchased. haha..LOVE IT! :)