Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Creative... well, not really...

After reading this I thought.... why can't we do this?

For the people that are in our wedding, part of our gift to them is a free nights stay here, so that no one has to drive after the reception, but for the rest of the people that want a room here.... why can't we charge them? After all, if they stay anywhere else.... they will pay $50 and higher a night, and they will have to drive 30+ minuets away, after the reception.

Now, I'm not saying to charge a ton, maybe $25 a room? a bed? I am pondering how to do this. Some rooms have 2 double beds, some have 1 double, some have 1 twin, some 2 twins, some bunk beds. I don't want to have a couple reserve a double, and end up with a room that has 2 doubles, and we end up with a bed no one's gonna use.... does that make sense?

Thank you $2000 bride for sharing all your ideas!

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