Thursday, April 2, 2009

I really HATE....

Seeing questions that include the words "supposed to".


Today on the knot:

"How early are you suppose to start getting your hair and makeup done? My ceremony starts at 11 AM."

Are girls out there not smart enough to plan out a day... I mean you do it every other day... why are you making it so hard on that day? This was my response to her-

"whenever you want. it's your day. If you want to be pulling hot rollers out at 10:55 go for it. If not, start earlier."


I am sick of reading questions that involve the issue of colors.... "can I use purple with gold and orange?"

OMG.... do you dress yourself everyday? can you coordinate an outfit or a room? then what the hell do you think? why is it that we are reverting back to 4 year olds all the sudden that can't match their pants and shirts!

Jesus, their are some dumb girls out there, with some even dumber questions.


Hannah Noel said...

HAHA. Agreed.

Jess said...

hahaha thats the more honest and best post i've read in a long time!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Thanks for the link to your dress! I love it. And the PRICE?? I can't stand it! And they will definately be able to wear them again!

Thanks for sending it along.
Best of luck!

Shannon said...