Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I said goodbye....

To my beautiful Amsale dress last night. I made the decision on Monday to go ahead and stick it on to see if I got any takers... that evening I had 2. I got what I asked for it, didn't even have to come off my price! I pretty much broke even, between what I paid for it, what I paid to have it cleaned, what paypal took from me once the girl paid me yesterday, and what I will have to pay to ship it today. I got it out last night and showed it to Jeremy, it was kind of a bittersweet moment, for him to see the dress I'd bought to wear on our big day. But honestly, it was kind of a relief that it sold, I was worried it wouldn't.

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wolfiemitrestone said...

Awww - so sorry. The dress you will be wearing is beautiful and you are going to be a gorgeous bride!

Shannon said...

sad post :( However, the dress you are going to wear is going to be absolutely STUNNING!! :) Can't wait to see pics of you in it!

Hannah Noel said...

I may have already read this on a previous post--- but why did you change your mind about the dress again?

I do love the dress you have now! It will be perfect :)