Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playing Dress Up

We've had Jeremy's suit for a couple of months now... and he'd yet to try it on.... with news from his brother that his pants were too little.... Jeremy realized he needed to try his on....

they are WAY too small!!!! But he looked pretty cute anyway!

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On one of the lovely girls, Shannon, let us all in on a little J. Crew secret.... there is a distribution center in Asheville that has a clearance store, and they host a "yard sale" once a month (which we thought was the first Saturday of the month... but not this month... it was sad to drive all the way there, and not get to experience it... oh well)

I still found this AMAZING dress!!! I had no idea the clearance store sold their cocktail attire, much less their wedding dresses!!!!

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Aren't we cute?!

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