Friday, May 15, 2009

Linens.... Again....

I've been doing math for the last few moments......

I will need: 7 tables end-to-end on each side (14 tables) and then 4 tables for our "head table"

18 tables total

Ultimately I will need 36 twin sheets to cover all the tables, and sewing 2 twins together will be long enough to reach the floor.

36 sheets X $6.50 per sheet + tax = $248.63

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The closest price of renting I can compare to is the rental co. provides black floor length linens for 8' tables at $15 each..... or $270..... so if $15 per linen is the "norm" then I will be saving money.

I've emailed IKEA to see if I can get a discount since I'll be buying so many!


SJN said...

you're just like me! If I can buy it cheaper than rent, I buy it! I love Hobby Lobby and their 50% off sales.

SJN said...

check out for rentals, they have every color under the sun. They send them to you and pick them back up, so easy.