Monday, December 22, 2008


Jeremy claims that I don't cook too much.... that's pretty true. But, I do really like to bake. We had some friends over for the Panthers football game last night and I made these-

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Shortbread crust, white chocolate mouse, strawberries, strawberry puree and whipped cream! YUM!


Aunt+UncleB said...

Holy cow those look good. Did you get the BJ dress in yet?

jemmessica said...

I did, it's so cute, but I think it's too white for me! Looks wonderful on you though!

Aunt+UncleB said...

Well post a photo if you can, I would love to give my honest opinion. It is fairly white, but the gold accessories I wore softened that (purse and shoes)

jemmessica said...

I didn't take any :-( I put it on, and knew it wasn't right. It's already boxed back up too.