Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bridesmaids Dress Decision!

In a previous post I said I had ordered a dress from Target.com to see how nice it was, and if I wanted to use it for my girls. I got it today! I am pleased! Is it the nicest dress? No. But, it's totally affordable, will more than likely look good on everyone, and at least if they never wear it again, they only spent $32 on it!

I thought it was a good, comfortable, practical, and reusable dress.

Think about it with a cute seasonal cardigan... you could potential wear this thing year round!

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Newport Nuptials said...

Thats super cute, what an awesome bargain!

Mrs. Potts said...

I have a similar dress (not the same material) & I use a blood orange cardigan with it. Looks great! LOVE the price!!

jemmessica said...

I'm so excited about it!

I do wish the bottom half was lined like the top, and I wish the back was a "V" shape like the front.... other than that, it's perfect for my outdoor, fall wedding! :-)

I'm glad you ladies like it!

M and M Wedding said...

Your bridesmaids are going to love you for picking these dresses. Great dress!