Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I can offically rent a car!

Wahoo for yummy food and my birthday! Jeremy and I got to celebrate Thanksgiving 3 times! We had our friends over the Saturday before Thanksgiving, celebrated with his family on Thanksgiving, made an appearance at my sisters in-laws (just because they're fun people!) and then my dad does the "anti-Thanksgiving" on the Friday after- which is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays! Dad cooks a pig and everyone comes and hangs out in the barn... so fun! My sister took pictures- so I will be sure to add some once she gives me them.

Now- for my birthday- I'm 25- I can rent a car, and am allowed to have a quarter life crisis, if I choose :-)
I got a Wii Fit!!!! YAY! The whole reason I bought a Wii was to get the Fit!!! I am so excited to have it! Jeremy also got me an NCSU jacket, and some new VS undies! :-) He took me out to a very nice dinner on Saturday too :-) My sister gave me a fantastic frame that we had "oooohed" and "aaahhhed" over this time last year! She also gave me a home depot gift card- very useful for the new house!!! I got a beautiful vase from my friend Mike, that now sits on my dining table!

And probably the best gift I got- Jeremy's dad helped us get my SUPER DUPER heavy computer cabinet to our new house! It was an adventure, but I am so glad to have it in our office now! I spent my whole birthday night unpacking "office" boxes and putting things away, I was so excited!

My next birthday- I'll be an old, married hag! :-)

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