Friday, December 12, 2008

Super, Extra Long Tables!

Originally, we wanted lovely round tables for 10 at our reception, but our venue has rectangle tables for 8 there for free.... so we've changed our vote: rectangle..... I've now been realizing how "in" the long rectangle tables are! Yay for being "trendy" without meaning to be! :-)

**Another plus for the long, skinny tables.... more dance floor room!!! :-)

Our tables will probably, literally, be this long.... seating about 30 people on each side!

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little j said...

I recently planned/hosted an anniversary party for my parents with one long table like this. It looked really pretty. And even minor decor is really accented by the straight line and repetious patterns. Really lovely for pics. One thing to bear in mind depending on the layout of your venue, keep those older relatives that need to frequent a bathroom toward the end of the tables, if possible. The longer tables make it a bit harder to get out/in as quickly and easily as sometimes the round ones are. of course, it depends the venue. but just something I realized and wished I had considered. But the location of the party was much smaller than a big hall...

SJB Weddings & Events said...

I love the long table look also. Another option would be to put the banquet tables together to create at square table that seats 12.