Monday, December 8, 2008

A Two Dress Bride????

So for the longest time I have not liked having a grand wedding dress, then changing into more of a "party" dress for the reception.... (at least for me) Well, over Thanksgiving my dad informed me that he wanted to pay for my dress since he did my sisters. I told him what I spent, and said he would give me a check sometime before the wedding. Later that night we were talking about the reception and discussing the dancing (he's a BIG square dancer, and we will be teaching and doing a little at our wedding) He told me that I was gonna have to find a short dress for the reception!!!! I couldn't believe he suggested that!!! Well finding it a little odd, and a little cool that he suggested it, I thought a little about it, and then brushed it off... deciding that I was going to spend so much on a grand dress, I hated to buy another and change out of it!

Well, then this weekend we went to Megan and Adams wedding.... where they had a dj and LOTS of dancing.... about an hour into dancing, she went up and changed.... into jeans and a cute tube top that matched her bridesmaids dresses! After seeing her do that, I think I am changing my mind on being anti- 2 dresses!

I think my new mission is to find a cute, white cocktail dress! And, I'll get to show off my shoes! Here's a few I like....
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Melissa Sweet
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White House Black Market $83
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Nordstrom $398
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Sax Fifth Ave $113

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little j said...

loving the second one! totally classic loooking. post a pic of the shoes tho :)