Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what prompted me to blog?

So, after being on the knot 24/7, talking with other brides and getting ideas, I have come across 2 blogs I have found particularly interesting. Those are the 10000wedding and 2000wedding. Yesterday I found the 2000wedding blog. I sat at my desk at work and wanted to cry my eyes out. I started to realize that I was making what should be "our" day into MY day. I had to have everything perfect, and choreographed like a dance routine. It was becoming a show instead of a wedding.

I emailed the blog to Jeremy, knowing he was probably to busy at work to look at it, I came home last night and wanted to talk with him about it. I asked if he looked at it, he replied "briefly." Then I cried.

I told him all of the above. That when I want his opinion on something to please give it. I want our day to be about us, not the centerpieces, not the dress, not the flowers or wedding party. So, we are starting over.

I have already bought a dress.... I purchased a designer dress at the "bargain" price of only $1300. I now want to puke, and while I do LOVE the dress, I will be just as pretty in something that cost me $200. Well since the deed is done, and money spent I will wear the dress.... and I will resell it after the wedding!

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