Friday, November 21, 2008

I got in a fight.....

..... on the knot!

What is the world coming to!?! I "raved" about my band experience from the night before, letting the girls know I had found a band at a great price, that seemed awesome... (btw, the band members all have real jobs... they are all music teachers of some kind, band director, music teacher, ect..) this is just their hobby.

I got FLAMED for sharing my good experience! After posting, this was the first comment made...

"I find it hard to have a rave opinion on something until after the actual event... things have a way of changing. Not saying they will but you never know. "

I responded with "no offense, but could you be just a little positive."

Well needless to say it got ugly, I ended up emailing the girl who was being bitchy and letting her know exactly how I felt. I didn't feel the need to make it public, although I am sure some of the things I said to her, many more girls had been thinking for a while. Sometimes I really like being the whistle blower on someone being a bitch, and call them out!

She proceeded to tell me I needed therapy for my anger. She was also still upset I did not thank her immediately after she gave me some advice about another band weeks ago. (Oooh, I waited 2 whole days to thanks her... big freakin' deal)

... Well, I am a daytime knottie... meaning I post during the day.... when I got home and had relaxed a few hours, I decided to log back into the knot and see if anything had happened after her last bitchy post to me (I elected to respond via email after that, and not log back on the knot).... Low and behold, several of the other girls had attacked her for being so negative and told her she should have been excited for me!

"Oh wow. Nothing like being flamed for being excited about your wedding and the vendors you plan on working with. Maybe "rave" isn't the best word because that seems to imply they already did a great job at your wedding. But does that really matter? Jemessica is excited, why not be excited with her? I can't imagine why there aren't more newbies running around this board.

BTW the band sounds cool and it sounds like a nice deal too. Good find!"

Thanks for standing up for me and all the other girls who are tired of being "flamed" over something stupid.... btw... don't EVER use the word "rave" if you haven't already been married... apparently it's a big no-no!

And, I feel the need to mention this particular girl, made a RUDE comment to me 2 days ago, and I let it go, I didn't even respond, I was being the bigger person. Clearly, after her comment yesterday, I was tired of taking her crap.

If you can't POSITIVELY offer advice, don't offer it. Just as I didn't choose my words carefully (ugh, using the word rave, which apparently I can't use because I'm not married). She didn't choose hers wisely either.

I also feel the need to mention she has been married for a year and a half, and is still on the knot. While I think it is important to have married ladies on the local boards to give reviews and advice, I figured she would have migrated over to the Nest by now.

For now, via email we agreed to disagree, and agreed to be civil.

I won't let someone with a negative attitude run me off the knot.

and btw--- I posted about this on my month board, and an NC newbie knottie came out and said, that is exactly why she doesn't go on the NC board anymore.


Ruth of Allover Art said...

You blog about whatever you want! ;) I'm glad you are excited about your band. :)

Mrs. Potts said...

Definitely blog about what you want. It is exciting to find things that you think will be a good fit for you!