Sunday, November 23, 2008

We bought our wedding bands!

We made a trip down to Diamonds Direct in South Park Charlotte. (This is where my engagement ring came from) We went because they have a sale a few times a year when everything is 20% off.

We had decided right after we had got engaged that we would use my moms wedding ring instead of buying a new one. We went on Friday night to see if they could make it into a square shank (like my e-ring, a. jaffe) The lovely sales girl, Kristina gave me her honest advice and was so helpful. She immideatly took both my e-ring and my moms ring to be cleaned, and she resized my moms ring right there! She brought them back to us, and I knew that it didn't need to match my e-ring, it looked perfect just the way it was! So, we took her advice, and didn't remake the ring.....

Well, we had talked about having diamonds put into my moms ring, and buying another eternity band to flank both sides of my e-ring. Well after we got my moms ring back, and I didn't want to change it, I still wanted to look at eternity rings.... WE LOVED the way it looked with my e-ring and my moms ring! So I will have my e-ring, my moms ring, and an eternity ring to wear all together! :-)

We also found Jeremys wedding ring! It's a simple brushed finished ring. Perfect and simple.

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