Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, lets go back....

Since I have been engaged just over 2 months now at lot has gone on!

Jeremy and I were engaged on September 15th in Little Switzerland, NC. Upon our arrival back home, I immediately started to research colors, dresses, bands, caterers, ect. I became the bride every vendor wants!

From the time I saw my sister get married when I was 11, I knew I didn't want a big church/country club wedding. Her wedding was fabulous, beautiful, and a fairy tale brought to life, but I've always wanted to get married outdoors. I have known for several years that I wanted to be married at Sertoma 4-H Center, an old mineral springs resort that is now owned by NC State and used as a summer camp. After spending several summers as a camper, and 2 summers on staff there I was sure this was the place for me to get married (to whomever that might be).

In the last two months of brainstorming, and planning I have now realized that I have been planning a cookie cutter wedding, only we are getting married at Sertoma. We made the guest list, and it has topped out at 206, I feel like I am inviting people that I don't care to feed dinner, serve them free alcohol, and my day would be just as special without them. Sadly, some of these people are my family. I have decided that just because I was invited to your wedding when I was 7 does not mean I have to invite you to mine, especially since I have only seen you twice in the last 5 years. This sounds harsh, but my mom passed away when I was 17 and we just have not kept up with her side of the family as much. I have only seen them in the last year because my grandmother passed away in February, and now everyone is fighting over whos getting what.... I don't need those people causing a scene on mine and Jeremys day. I don't trust them to be cordial for a few hours.

So now I feel like I am back at square one.... lets start over... lets pretend I just got engaged last night....

OMG! I'm engaged! Let's start planning OUR wedding!

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