Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Traditional Cake? Non-Traditional Cake?

So having worked at a bakery for 2 1/2 years in college, I have a great respect for people who create cakes, the time and effort that goes into an edible piece of art is ridiculous!

I knew a while ago (probably while working at the bakery) that I had to have a pumpkin chocolate chip cake... one of our specialties! And since I want to get married in the fall... I figured how perfect!

Let me define my definition of Traditional and Non-Traditional cakes.... Traditional- multi tier, lots of elaborate decor, flowers.... Non-traditional- Maybe a small "traditional" cake for Jeremy and I. A small 2 tier cake made just for him and I. Then serving multi flavored cupcakes, or homemade pies, ice cream.....

Traditional Cake Pros:
1. it's pretty :-)
2. It's what people expect when they arrive at the reception
3. It's "tradition"

Traditional Cake Cons:
1. Freakin' expensive!!!
2. Their can be a lot left over... especially with an odd flavor like pumpkin
3. Most have fondant... I HATE fondant, it taste nasty

Non-Traditional Cake Pros:
1. Less expensive
2. our family and friends will feel special if they get to contribute a goodie!
3. I always like going to potluck meals and getting a plate of different desserts...
4. People have options, if they don't like pumpkin they can have something else

Non-Traditional Cake Cons:
1. People won't have a giant cake to oooh and aahh over
2. Some stress of the people that will contribute a special goodie

I am thinking Non-Traditional wins....

Our bakery.... and my former employer!

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