Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Conversation

Last night we had a conversation about what was important to us about our wedding. These are the things we discussed...

1. Round tables are nice, but if we can use rectangle ones for free, we'll do it!
2. It is not necessary for our bridal party to stand up there with us. They can sit on the front row and be just as important.
3. Jeremy wants to serve dinner, beer and wine, I agreed.
4. Should we buy all our dinnerware and glassware and hope to resell it after? or spend 1/2 the price and rent it, but with no return on investment?
5. He wants to wear a tux.
6. We are not doing favors. We are feeding you dinner, getting you drunk, and providing you with a free place to stay for the night.... I don't need to give you a gift for coming.
7. The wedding cake.... have a big one made for everyone to eat ($700)? or do a small one for just him and I ($150), and then have a dessert bar, with homemade goodies from some of our family members (free!)?
**side note** I worked at the bakery that we will be getting our cake from for 2 1/2 years..... I couldn't not do a cake!
8. just because I was invited to someone elses wedding, does not mean they have to be invited to ours.

I am sure we will add to this list as time goes on..... but that's all for now!

I am so glad to start planning a wedding together with my hunny!

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