Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VS Rant

So, lately (well since last Christmas) I have spent too much money at Victoria's Secret. Jeremy gave me a gift card last Christmas and I have a hard time buying undies anywhere else now. Well, over the last month, I have spent a significant amount of money there for my b-pics, I guess they appreciated it enough to send me a "free panty card" . So I went in last night to retrieve my free panties.... ok, the little card said a $7.50 value... which most all of their Pink collection cotton ones are. I picked out a pair of festive ones and made my way to the register with them and another pair (after perusing the store for 15 mins or so, with NO one asking if I wanted help... usually you can't get those sales girls out of your ass!) I went to the register with my 2 pairs of panties.... and handed her my free panty card. She politely told me that neither of those qualified, and pointed me towards the direction of the ones that did qualify. I said ok, and told her I didn't want the festive ones then. I made my way over to the bin of very plain, non-fun undies and picked a pair of gray ones. I walked back to the counted where she told me the gray ones didn't qualify, they had to be pink, ivory, navy or white. THE GRAY ONES WERE EXACTLY LIKE THOSE!!! Why did it matter???? So, I went back to the non-fun undies and DUG for a pair of pink ones, because naturally, the only ones left were size anorexia or I'm an over-eater. Anyways....

I got my stupid, non-cute, non-festive, plain, free panties.

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Anonymous said...

I hate those anorexia panties!! :)