Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Goodies! aka NO LACE!

Ventured down to downtown (or uptown? I'm not sure what you call it!) Charlotte to the courthouse. Asked the sheriffs office on the first floor where to find a certified copy of my criminal record, sent to the second floor to the criminal clerk of court, stood in line, made my request, back down to the first floor to pay $15 for it, didn't have cash, she sent me back up to the atm on the 2nd floor, back down to pay her with cash, back up to the criminal clerk of court to give her my receipt and get a piece of paper saying I have no criminal record..... ugh! All this just to send it in with my application for a temporary alcohol permit!!! W.O.W

Then on to Poppies to order the adorable pumpkin shown below!

Then the gym

Then cooked steaks with the honey! :-)

Got up, did some chores around the house, ate breakfast.... then a bad headache started to set in.... so I layed back down for a bit..... showered.... and got ready to leave for the beach!!!

11:45 AM- Melanie arrived, we packed up the car and headed out!

2:30- Made a pit stop in Cary to see Olga, seamstress extraordinaire! Dropped off the dress (got told I bought the WRONG type of bra to sew in the dress..... so I'm back on the bra/corset hunt)

Then off to the beach we went! We arrived at our hotel about 5 PM, and to Melanie's surprise, Melissa and Jennifer, some friends from home were waiting there to surprise her! Boy was she surprised!! After the initial shock wore off we headed to dinner at the beach, came back and had cake. We hung out in our plush (FREE) hotel room for the rest of the evening.

We ate a fantastic continental breakfast at the Comfort Suites, packed our things and headed out to see the sand, where Karen, Sabrina and Sabrina's little boy Kaleb met us. We also had another surprise for Melanie- our friend Marianne drove in just for the day to spend her birthday on the beach with us! She was again, in shock! Saturday was Karen's birthday so I wanted to celebrate a little with her.... we had cupcakes on the beach, YUM!

We ended our trip with a late lunch to P.T.s Grill for some good greasy hamburgers and fries!

It was great to have a weekend that wasn't focused on wedding chores, but to focus on someone elses celebration instead!

Here's the only pictures I have from the weekend, hopefully more will surface on facebook soon!

Kaleb and Sabrina enjoying cupcakes on the beach to celebrate Karen's 24th!

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Anonymous said...

It was such a great weekend! I had such a fun time! And meeting Olga was quite an experience!