Friday, August 21, 2009

Chop Chop

The hair is cut! WAHOO!!! :-)

On another note- I swung by the Victoria's Secret at Southpoint in Durham to pick up my wedding night outfit :-)

..... I saw it about a week ago when I was there, decided that I had a giftcard at home I wanted to use towards it, so I would just go get it from a store in the Charlotte area or online. Easier said than done. NO ONE had the outfit, nor is it available online. I finally called the Southpoint store on Tuesday in a panic, luckily, they still had it, and could hold it for me! I was super excited to get it yesterday, even if it did cost me a small fortune. I will post a picture of it soon! It's ivory, with an orange tie under the bust, and a gray design on the top.... pretty damn close to our wedding colors! :-) I love it!!!!

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