Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making a List, and checking it twice.....

Tomorrow afternoon I am off to Sertoma to meet with the caterer for a "walk through". This will also probably be my last chance to go up there before the wedding weekend! I needed to make a list of things to do, see, ect.

1. Take lots of pictures of the rec hall rafters, to plan how to hand the lit wreaths.
2. Seek out "loveseat size" benches, for our parents to sit on for the ceremony, and us at the reception.
3. Count the benches.
4. Seek out sofa tables to be placed at the back of the ceremony site for spigot jars and programs.
5. Inspect hotel rooms, and decide which one will be used for getting dressed.
6. Take pictures of the computer room aka the kids playroom
7. Let caterer know about the "board room" that will be used for the vendors dinner.
8. Discuss the possibility of doing boxed lunches the day of the wedding, and possible delivery of them?
9. Inspect camp store, for storing ice cream and flowers
10. Ask about getting several extra gallons of tea for the spigot jars.

This will be us soon!!!!!
(photo from Rodney and Susan's wedding in May)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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