Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Extra, Extra Read All About It!!!!

We interrupt this normally wedding related blog to bring you this news....

I've lost 3 pounds!!!!!!!!

After my workout yesterday I reluctantly stepped on the scale in the women's bathroom. Last time I did this, my weight had not budged from 151, so I had not been wanting to get on the scale. I guess I just couldn't resist yesterday! I'm glad I saw 148 when I hopped on! Now I feel like all that sweat and exaustion is worth it!

My goal is to drop 7 pounds over the next 5.5 weeks... I will be down 10 pounds at the wedding, if I pull that off!

Breakfast today- Naked Juice and Oatmeal
Lunch today- Pimento Cheese Sandwich and Cottage Cheese

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Lynsey and Brian said...

Congrats! I was in Danbury over the weekend and thought of you. Hope all the wedding planning is coming along.

The Sanfords :) said...

Yay! We will have to hang out :) we are going to be living in Huntersville! We are excited about your wedding too... :)