Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend..... Friday!

We'll start with Friday... since that's where the weekend starts! :-)

I have the lovely privilege of getting off work at 1 PM every Friday. So I left work, and rode up to Sertoma, for what was probably my last trip up there before the wedding. I met Kathy of Salem Kitchen to give her the tour, and let her know our setup. She was very helpful, and also informed me that we will need to get liability insurance for the wedding because we are serving our own alcohol, we'll also need a temporary alcohol license.... ugh.... more things to research and pay for.... if we'd used their alcohol and bartenders, they already have those things in place- but it's much more expensive.... :-(

I was amazed how clean camp was!!! :-)

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Lynsey and Brian said...

Yum! Salem Kitchen! Great choice. Love their food.