Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap!

Great weekend! State Won and we got tons of cool stuff at our "Tailgate Shower"!

I also had a visit with Olga.... the dress looks amazing! She is outstanding, I can't wait to wear it! (want to see pics? email me!

.... Wedding madness has begun to take over our dining room now... it seems to be like a disease spreading throughout our house!

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I worked on our programs, and goodie bags for the hotel rooms on Friday afternoon.... I ran out of orange ribbon so that project is at a halt till I get more....

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Vanessa said...

Your programs look amazing! And I love the brown bags. Truly lovely!

Future Mrs. Densley said...

I know I watch your blog and never comment, but I love reading your preparation... I'm getting married October 10th! I am SO stuck on the programs... how did you do yours? Do you mind sharing your ideas? THANKS!