Friday, September 18, 2009


I keep getting asked "Are you nervous yet?"

I suppose it's a common question to ask someone who's about to get married. So for all you out there who are wondering "If I am nervous yet?" Yes. and No.

I'm not nervous to marry Jeremy. I know I could never find someone who loves me the way he does. I'll never want to wake up next to anyone else. I'll never see eye to eye on so many different things with any one else. I am not nervous about the weather. If it rains, that will suck- but at least their is a chapel to get married inside of! If it's cold- so what? People do have tvs and people do watch the weather and prepare for what to wear every other day, why is this day different? If it's chilly, bring a jacket! No. I'm not nervous.

I am nervous.... about the Thursday and Friday, before the wedding. I'm nervous about time. Will their be enough to adequately do all the things that are planned to be done. I'm nervous all 425 flowers that arrive on Thursday will be crushed, and look awful. I am nervous that I won't find mini pumpkins in time. I am basically nervous about all the little things that must be done in the few days prior to the wedding! Yes. I am nervous.

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Vanessa said...

Awww, it's going to go wonderfully! You are nervous about the practicalities which, in the end, don't matter all that much but you aren't nervous about what this day is really about: your choice, your relationship!
Good luck! My wedding's May 30th and I'm already having nightmares about flowers not arriving etc! :)