Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Gifts.....

Jeremy has been chomping at the bit to give me my wedding gift! So, he decided on Friday night he couldn't wait any longer! He led me through the kitchen into our living room with my eyes closed, so that he could hand me my gift. I opened my eyes to find a box covered in "wrapping paper" he had made. He took bunches of pictures of us and copied them all on to a giant sheet of paper to wrap my gift with! I gingerly opened the gift, so I could save the paper, I opened the unmarked box to find an unmarked leather case. Inside the case was a BEAUTIFUL strand of pearls. I am in love with them!!! He wanted so badly for me to wear them on Saturday to the football game, but I couldn't stomach risking loosing them!!! I will most likely wear them on the big day!
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After he gave them to me, I thought, what the hell, I will go ahead and give him his gift too! I brought down a patterned baggie with my b-pic album inside. He opened it up, and flipped through those pages 100 times!!! When he got to the end, and saw the picture of Stewie.... he about died!!! I have never seen him laugh so hard!
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***If you don't remember, we (I!) won stewie during our e-pic shoot at the fair.... he will be randomly making appearances throughout our photo shoots!***


honey my heart said...

what a beautiful gift :)

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