Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Preparations!

On Monday, Jeremy and I tore our house upside down looking for the hardware we bought for our cabinets when we first moved in last summer. We did not find them.... anywhere! I bought new ones :-(

However, this included going through our attic, which meant we had to move all the wedding stuff down into the office. Kinda a blessing in disguise. I realized how unorganized all the wedding stuff was. Well, last night I realized that with so much stuff going to different places at camp... I better get it together, or we'd be running from place to place all day Friday before the wedding, instead of actually getting stuff done! So.... I got some of our old moving boxes out and started sorting things....

We now have a box for each of the following....

Kids Playroom (kid bags, game, sign for room, crayons)
Bar (napkins, cups, candles, wine bottle opener, guest book)
Ceremony (grapevine, napkins, wreath hangers, program basket-Mel- I am using the orange one you gave me!!)
Lights (long strands of christmas lights for the rec hall posts, extension cords)
Linens (table runners, and "curtains" for porch)
Hotel (ribbon for bm dresses, hotel room labels, goody bags for guest rooms)
Bridal Party Gifts (self explanatory!)
Dessert Table (card holders, table cloths- an old set of Jeremys brown curtains!- table runner, napkin holder)

THEN..... I took on the HORRIBLE (although I didn't expect it to be bad) task of taking all 36 of those IKEA sheets out of their packaging and laying them out over the stairwell. W.O.W N.O.T F.U.N!!!! This probably took an hour and a half alone!

I also unpackaged all of the linen napkins I bought and we washed them. many little things add up so quick! Like taking price tags off of stuff! Quite time consuming!!!

I wrapped 3 crayons together and tied with ribbon for each of the kid bags, they each got 2 glow sticks.... they will also have an activity book, and a small bottle of water and maybe a sucker (they had some really cute pumpkin shape ones at Michaels!)
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Our poor office, post pack up!
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2 last things....

I saw this awesome cake pan at Michaels a couple of weeks ago.... it's a pumpkin cake pan.... it was expensive, so I found me a coupon and went back and got it yesterday! I think I might try it out this weekend!
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I stopped by World Market and bought all our Merlot!!!! 12 bottles for about $65! :-)

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Jen said...

Its all coming together! YAY!!!